Desert Rose

MESPers participate in weekly service projects during the semester. Donna S. of Wheaton College (IL) reflects on working at Desert Rose, a handicrafts seller that employs low income and handicapped women in Jordan.


Even before the first day at Desert Rose, I knew that I would enjoy the experience. This could be partly because of my tendency to be happy, positive, and excited about upcoming events! Also, Desert Rose is the place where all of my interests meet, where I can do art with other women, one of whom knows Jordanian Sign Language! Her name is Rahab, and she is such a wonderful woman. Upon seeing the three of us, Rahab looked up from her work and gave us two thumbs up and a big smile.

Rahab and I, while the rest of the group ate their bandoura (tomato), onion and peppers with the pita, conversed in American Sign Language and Jordanian Sign Language (Lughat al-Ishāra al-Urdunia, or LIU). We taught and learned from each other! Rahab taught us the numbers, and how to tell time in LIU. I learned that the ASL…

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