Friendly Dialogue

This week we had the opportunity to have a dialogue event in a mosque with Jordanian Muslim young people. It was a privilege to learn and grow with these friends. Student Merissa L. of Bethel University (MN) reflects on broken stereotypes in this venue.

The Simplest Smile


Our chuckles fill the Mosque on this brisk night. We sit in an oblong circle with just enough space between each person so that everyone can see each other. My breath is warm on the silky fabric of the headscarf I am wearing and my toes feel a cool breeze between my cotton socks. I am sitting feeling so small and unqualified within this large group of Christians and Muslims. My eyes can’t stop darting across the beautifully worn Qur’ans that glaze the shelves around us. The ceiling is so high and I feel unexpectedly comforted by the similar characteristics between the architecture of this mosque and large churches I have grown up seeing. I am careful not to let the souls of my feet point towards the Jordanians that are respectably sharing with us, a cultural expectation here in the Middle East. I am sorely unaware of what has…

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