Marhabaan (مرحبا)

Check out these O week reflections by one of our new Spring 16 cohort, Merissa L. from Bethel University.

The Simplest Smile


The last couple of weeks have been a total blur. I can’t remember much in between my time stepping on my first airplane, and right now where I am sitting in Amman, Jordan writing this blog. I am amazed by God’s faithfulness in bringing me here. I am already surrounded by loving adventurers and new experiences. There is so much good to come. We have taken some time within this first week to do the touristy things: traveled to the Roman Amphitheater, saw the temple dedicated to Hercules, drank too much Turkish coffee, and ate all we could at the best falafel shop around (although I think the best is actually in Shmeisani).


Through all of my smiles and the picturesque scenery, I am sorely aware that I have not chosen an easy or comfortable study abroad experience. This touristy week will soon slow, as I learn what my purpose is…

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